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The Company

The origins of the frame are lost in the mists of time !
It was born together with the manifestations of figurative art.


The frame is a completion of the pictorial work, creating  with it an aesthetic and formal bond  tending  to isolate it from disturbance elements whilst focusing the attention  and emphasizing the painting itself.


It is not uncommon  to be captured in the presence of an empty frame, provided that it is done with mastery and design; just think about the fact that the  carving and ornamenting of the frame competed in beauty and importance with the painting itself.


After years of silence and, when  the ephemeral  fashion has been forgotten , our PRODUCTION has finally been rediscovered and becomes PROTAGONIST of the art market. The new collectible trend is born around this concept;  the pleasure of owning it for its own beauty comes out.


Nasce intorno ad essa il nuovo collezionismo, si scopre il piacere di possederla per la propria bellezza .


MADE IN ITALY – TOLOMEO became  a producer of wholly-handmade picture frames, creating a “workshop and art gallery”  within the same space.


It  was born in the heart of LAMBRATE district  -” the new artistic  district  in Milan” –  where it has been present since 1986, offering innovation and a wide range of tailor-made picture frames created for any kind of artwork.


Today  Tolomeo  boasts 30 years of experience in the art of restoration, ranging from oil paintings to antique picture frames and furniture.

Taking advantage of the turning point in design, this expressive freedom embodies natural elements by combining them with modern and innovative compounds, by giving NEW IDENTITY to the artwork – “WASHING AWAY HISTORICAL BOUNDARIES”

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